Warehouse Storage Solutions

Leaders in Mezzanine Floors, Pallet Racking, Shelving and more

What We Do

Advanced Warehouse Structures was born through our observations of a lack of quality warehouse storage solutions that actually work and fulfil the storage needs of companies large and small. Industrial storage solutions need to be strong, customisable and durable while increasing warehouse capacity and providing a safe working environment. Through using local steel and local fabrication, we ensure that each warehouse storage system will deliver the solution that you’ve been searching for.

Our experienced team of warehouse storage solution experts understand what your site needs to maintain productivity. As Australia’s leading suppliers of structural mezzanine floors and storage systems for commercial, industrial, and warehouse businesses, Advanced Warehouse Structures are the industry specialists you’ve been looking for.

Our team has over 120 years of combined experience and will be able to provide expert advice on the best storage solution for your needs. As one of Australia’s most trusted suppliers, we work across the country to bring fair cost and efficient solutions to many different industry types. Exceeding Australian standards, you can rest assured that your warehouses’ storage will be safe, strong and secure, saving you thousands by avoiding damaged stock or injured personnel.

Read on to discover how we can provide your storage solutions with our huge range of products and services.

Warehouse Two Level Structural Mezzanine Floor

Structural and Steel

We are Australia’s leading specialists in industrial and warehouse structures including steel raised storage floors, staircases, safety pallet access gates, special fabrication. Maximise your warehouse space now!

Warehouse Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking & Storage Solutions

We also specialise in designing the best pallet racking systems for your warehouse and can completely manage the project from start to finish. Our racking range includes cantilever racks, selective pallet racking, and drive-in racks.

Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floors

Raised storage areas (commonly called mezzanine floors) are a cost-effective way to increase your usable storage and office space. As part of our range, we offer custom designed mezzanine structures as well as pre-designed mezzanine floor kits.

Steel shelving storage for small items in warehouse

Industrial Shelving Solutions

We offer a large range of shelving systems for warehouse and industrial use including steel shelving, long span, RET shelving, racking with shelves, workbenches, and more.


We commissioned AWS to replace our mezzanine at our Marrickville warehouse.

We found the service and quality of work to be outstanding and AWS were the most competitive bidder for the project when tendered.

Water Logic

We initially contacted several suppliers for a challenging customised mezzanine floor, but no one could give us the confidence they understood the complexity of the project.

Advanced Warehouse Structures impressed us by being very collaborative and responsive and delivered a great result. I am very pleased with their commitment to satisfying our needs and requests.

IDE Group

Benefits With AWS

Custom designs to suit your warehouse

Not all warehouse storage is the same, and your warehouse storage systems should be equipped to hold exactly what you need them to. We can create warehouse shelving and storage equipment to suit your specific needs, exact products, tools or stock, making your warehouse much more functional, safe and easy to navigate.

Light and heavy-duty options

Our comprehensive range will include the right solution for your warehouse to maximise space and improve workplace safety. Whether you’re storing tools for a busy manufacturing facility, heavy boxes of stock or industrial tools, our industrial shelving solutions can handle your goods with their strong and durable construction and locally made steel.

Complete installation service

We provide your warehouse solutions from start to finish. We will work closely with you to design the perfect custom solution for your warehouse design, before delivering it and installing it. The only thing you need to do is start planning how you’re going to store all of your goods and what you will do with your extra warehouse space.

Our Available Warehouse Storage Solutions

  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Mezzanine Stairs
  • Up and Over Gates
  • Longspan Shelving
  • RET Shelving
  • Repairs & Safety Signage
  • Cantilever Racking
  • Drive In
  • Selective Pallet Racking
  • Used & Second Hand Pallet Racking
  • Installation & Relocation

Additional Helpful Services We Offer...

3D CAD plans for warehouse storage and raised storage area projects

We want you to be able to understand what your warehouse will look like before we get started on the construction, which is why we provide complete 3D Computer Aided Designs so you can see how your storage solutions will work within your warehouse.

Supply and/or delivery

We have a great range of storage systems and mezzanine levels that we can supply and deliver so you can experience productivity and use your system as soon as possible. We will manage your new systems from start to finish.

Installation, re-locations and pulldowns

We understand that many businesses work from a rented warehouse or storage space. If the time comes to move, we will help with the re-location and pulldowns, ready to reinstall them in your new space, saving you time, effort and money.

Repairs and safety audits

If you’re concerned about your storage solution not performing how it should, or if you’re due for a safety audit in your warehouse – we can help. Additionally, we can design and install pallet racking protection such as frame protectors to ensure long-term durability.

Certification and signage

It’s important that everyone in your warehouse knows how to use the storage systems safely. We can provide signage indicating safe working loads and more, so everyone in your crew is kept safe. Additionally, we can provide certification to prove a completed safety check.

Why Choose Us?

  • Free quotes and custom designs from our team
  • Short lead times
  • Locally fabricated in our warehouse using local steel
  • Delivery and installation included
  • Staircases and pallet gates are available
  • Australian safety standards and BCS requirements

At Advanced Warehouse Structures, we are a team of warehouse structure storage systems professionals with over 120 years of collective experience.

We have banded our years of experience together to offer you a wealth of knowledge with independent advice, bringing the best storage solutions to suit your needs.

Providing quality mezzanine floors & industrial storage solutions to clients around Australia including (NSW) Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong – (Queensland) Brisbane – (VIC) Melbourne, Geelong.