The Features of AWS Medium-Duty Mezzanine Storage Kits


Is your warehouse working for you? If you’re running out of room to put your personnel or products, a mezzanine storage kit is the ideal solution.

The medium-duty mezzanine floor kits by Advanced Warehouse Structures (AWS) are a cost-effective storage solution, allowing your business to make the most of unused vertical space in your industrial or commercial premises. Whether you need extra office space or more warehouse storage options, the medium-duty storage kit offers durability and flexibility.

In this complete guide, we’ll go through the features of our medium-duty mezzanine floors so you can determine if this space-saving storage solution is right for your business.

Is a medium-duty mezzanine kit right for your facility?

There’s no need for the inconvenience and expense of finding a new warehouse space to buy or lease if you find your business doesn’t have the room to operate efficiently. Investing in a mezzanine storage system allows you to easily expand the capacity of your warehouse.

Between our light-duty kits (for office space and light storage) and our heavy-duty mezzanine storage kits (with features such as pallet racking for more robust applications), sits the medium-duty solution. It’s just right as an industrial storage solution for businesses requiring room for an office or extra storage space. With a 500kg/m2 capacity, the medium-duty kits by AWS can be fabricated in any size to suit the specific requirements of your business.


Medium-duty mezzanine systems suit all types of uses

Our mezzanine kits, assembled as freestanding structures within the existing building, do not attach to the walls or floor (unless requested), making them ideal for leaseholders. Suitable for commercial offices and warehouses, a medium-duty mezzanine floor kit features a sturdy decking platform that you can fit with shelving and accessories to create the perfect office space or medium-weight storage solution.

You can use AWS medium-duty mezzanine kits for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Open-plan office space
  • Storage for distribution businesses
  • A separate packing, assembly, or production space for manufacturers
  • A meeting space, staffroom, or staff training area
  • As a showroom or retail space.

Key features of AWS medium-duty mezzanine storage kits

Medium-duty mezzanine floor kits provide additional room in previously unused vertical space, as well as freeing up the floor space below. This allows you to virtually double the capacity of your warehouse. AWS is an industry leader in industrial and warehouse structures thanks to these key features in our mezzanine kits:

  • Superior design: AWS fabricates mezzanine floor kits locally, including columns, staircases, beams, and handrails, using high-quality materials like Australian steel to ensure they withstand heavy use over the long term.
  • Flexibility: Our mezzanine floor kits provide a safe and permanent storage system that can be quickly disassembled for easy relocations. Their freestanding design allows you to move them if you decide on a modular approach to open-plan warehouse design by adding another mezzanine system in the future.
  • Custom designs: We custom-design all of our mezzanine storage kits to the size your business requires because AWS understands that what works for one business doesn’t work for all.
  • Safety is our priority: Our team of engineers designs our medium-duty kits to comply with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia. We also provide safety signage to protect your staff while they work.
  • Cost-effective installation: Your own team can install our medium-duty mezzanine floor kits at your convenience, offering a cost-effective solution for storage.
  • A solution to your storage needs: Our medium-duty mezzanines, with a 500kg/m2 capacity and customizable sizes, can store goods, products, and stock in various sizes. We can even fit our storage systems with accessories such as frames, storage bins, and shelves for different uses.


The choice is easy: Opt for a medium-duty mezzanine

At AWS, we recommend you future-proof your mezzanine investment by opting for medium-duty storage, where possible. You can accommodate any change in use as your business needs grow by ensuring the correct load-bearing capacity.

You can find more information on the load-bearing requirements of mezzanines in our Complete Guide to Australian Standards for Mezzanine Floors article here.

Smart storage solutions to support your growth

If you’re running out of storage areas in your warehouse, medium-duty mezzanine storage kits by AWS are a space-saving solution with many benefits. From durability to flexibility and efficiency, their features make them a safe and reliable system to expand the capabilities at your industrial or commercial site.

With operations in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria, we’re here to help you elevate your business with our smart storage solutions. With many years of industry experience and a focus on high-quality customer service, contact AWS on 1300 955 825 today for a quote on a medium-duty mezzanine storage kit for your business.