A Guide to AWS Light-Duty Mezzanine Storage Kits


Is your business growing faster than expected? Are you running out of floor space? Do you need more office space? Mezzanine floor kits are a robust yet flexible storage solution for your commercial or industrial premises. They allow you to design your warehouse space to suit the specific requirements of your business.

In this complete guide, we’ll explain how light-duty mezzanine storage kits by Advanced Warehouse Structures are helping businesses get more out of their warehouse space with this smart, space-saving solution. Read on to find out if going up is the right move for your business.

What is a Mezzanine Floor Kit?

If buying or leasing a bigger warehouse or moving your business is too costly, why not make use of the vertical space a warehouse offers with a mezzanine floor?

Mezzanine floor kits by Advanced Warehouse Structures (AWS) are available for light, medium, and heavy-duty storage needs, providing your business with a raised level to get your operations up off the ground level in your warehouse or industrial site.

The Best Application for Light-Duty Mezzanine Storage Kits

With a 350kg/m2 capacity for offices and 500kg/m2 for storage, Advanced Warehouse Structures’ light-duty mezzanine storage kits are suitable for light storage or office space, allowing you to optimise the floor space in your warehouse without the hassle and expense of finding new business premises as your business expands. Made to exacting standards, they are available in any size to suit your requirements.

Light-duty mezzanine floors by AWS are ideal for:

  • Office space
  • Light storage
  • Showroom or retail space
  • To meet with clients
  • Staff break room
  • Staff training space.

Not sure if our light-duty storage kits are right for your business? See our Complete Guide to Australian Standards for Mezzanine Floors for more information.

The Freedom of Having a Freestanding Storage System

High-quality construction using Australian materials, our freestanding mezzanine floor kits are a storage system that can withstand heavy use over the long term. While they are ideal as a safe and permanent solution, they can also be disassembled quickly and moved if you relocate to a new warehouse as your business needs change. There’s no need to affix them to walls or falls, so they are the best possible solution if your business leases its premises.

Our mezzanine storage kits are available in a variety of sizes and customised to suit your business requirements. Therefore, if you find you need more light-duty storage as well as office space as your business grows, you can treat them like a modular storage solution by adding another system.

locking up warehouse storage

Why our Customers Choose AWS Mezzanine Storage Kits

From safety to local steel and self-installation, businesses choose mezzanine storage kits from Advanced Warehouse Structures because their performance can’t be beaten.

Our storage kits are designed with safety in mind

Our team of engineers design our light-duty mezzanine storage kits with safety in mind. Fabricated on a custom basis using the very best materials, our light-duty storage kits adhere to Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia so that the safety of your staff is assured.

From shelves to beams and brackets, our storage systems are solid

We’re industry leaders in industrial and warehouse structures and that’s because we’re Australian-made. Our high-quality construction methods use local steel and materials. And we fabricate your system right here, in our local warehouse.

Mezzanine installation at your own pace

When it comes to installation, our light-duty mezzanine storage kits can be installed by your own team if you wish. This makes them a cost-effective storage system with the flexibility to assemble in your own time.

The fastest customised space-saving system available

We understand that time is money. One of the first questions our customers ask us is “How quickly can you get it to me?”. We offer short lead times and can customise and fabricate your mezzanine deck within just a few weeks so that you can concentrate on business.

Warehouse storage for when you’re running out of room

One of the biggest advantages of our mezzanine storage kits is their affordability. Because they are such a cost-effective warehouse storage solution, they can save you the expense and hassle of moving to a new business premises as your business expands.

packing up for warehouse storage

Light-Duty Mezzanine Storage Kits that Work for You

For mezzanine storage of the highest-quality construction, you can’t go past a storage system from AWS for all your light-duty needs. Australian-made using local steel, our sturdy designs offer the highest levels of safety and flexibility, and our competitive prices are unrivalled.

Whether your business requires office space, extra storage or a staffroom, a space-saving solution is the only way to go. Contact Advanced Warehouse Structures today on 1300 955 825 to learn more about our high-quality, custom-designed mezzanine storage kit for your business.