Top 5 Benefits of Mezzanine Floors in Increasing Warehouse Space

mezzanine floors in warehouse

Commercial and industrial space in Australia has become one of the most valuable, and expensive, resources that business owners need. Whether you are a retailer selling the latest clothing items or an industrial supplier who needs to move large, bulky items, you need space in order to store and transport your goods.

A mezzanine floor for a warehouse is a free-standing, elevated platform made out of metal that provides an extra floor between your existing ground level and ceiling. They create a robust new floor to effectively increase your work area and usable warehouse space.

To help you decide whether a mezzanine floor is a right fit for you, here are some of the tangible benefits of installing such a structure in your warehouse:

  1. Increase in usable floor space

The most obvious and perhaps the most important benefit of a mezzanine floor is the extra space that it provides. Most warehouses are built with high ceilings, meaning that there is a lot of vertical space readily available but often left unused. Mezzanine floors can normally be elevated to one or two extra levels, allowing the warehouse to make use of this space rather than letting it remain dead air. Mezzanine floors are also made out of high quality and tough materials, allowing them to be used for heavy-duty storage.

  1. A cost-effective way of providing extra space for your work

Mezzanine floors allow you to make the most of the space you’ve got in a cheap and reliable way. Installing a mezzanine floor is a relatively quick and cost-effective process, allowing you to double your warehouse space without ever having to move premises, saving you a lot of time and money.

  1. Mezzanine floors are a great way of creating distinct areas for your workers

Dedicated spaces designed for workers or administrative roles are often overlooked in warehouse design. Mezzanine floors allow you to install common areas such as break rooms or even office spaces, without ever having to encroach upon the space already designated to warehouse operations.

  1. Mezzanine floors can be quickly set up or taken down

As mentioned previously Mezzanine floors are free-standing structures meaning that they don’t need to be bolted or attached to the wall or floor. This makes them very quick to set up once the necessary components are created and very easy to take down and relocate if you decide to move space and wish to take your mezzanine floors with you.

  1. Mezzanine floors are highly customisable structures

Warehouses come in all shapes and sizes and mezzanine floors are designed to integrate themselves seamlessly with the existing layout. Mezzanine floors can be customised to fit particular areas, have one or more floors and can be expanded as your space needs grow. They are also capable of incorporating particular amenities such as kitchens for canteen areas, electrical wiring for offices and showering facilities for long shift work.