Expand Your Business Warehousing: Getting Ready for Growth

In the fast-paced industrial landscape, your warehouse business needs to continue evolving. Whether you’re a well-established name in the game or the new kid on the block, optimising your storage, streamlining your daily operations and preparing for future growth will make a world of difference to your business success and productivity.

Advanced Warehouse Structures understands warehouse expansion, including how to turn potential challenges into opportunities. Our team has a collective experience of over 125 years, and we’ve got the know-how and range of services to guide you through all the steps of this pivotal stage of your business.

5 Ways to Expand Your Warehouse Space

In this article, we’ll explore five key tips for preparing warehouse businesses for growth, with a specific focus on the advantages of mezzanine floors in making better use of your storage space and achieving your business goals. Whether you need more space for stock or need office space in your warehouse, a mezzanine is a cost-effective yet efficient way to broaden the horizons of your business.

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1. Assess Your Current Storage Situation

Before your business can grow and expand, you must have a comprehensive understanding of your current storage situation and where you see your business going. By evaluating your current warehousing infrastructure, inventory and operational process, you can better address the challenge of expanding your business to meet your needs. This information will help you both identify where your business can improve and devise the best solutions to solve these issues.

Some things to consider are your storage capacity, accessibility, customer service, accuracy of stock, and the organisation of goods. Identifying both what works and the inefficiencies that can be optimised is the key to making smart, effective decisions regarding investments towards upgrading your warehouse.

The expert team at Advanced Warehouse Structures will offer a fresh perspective on your storage needs and can help you make data-driven decisions for a streamlined and efficient operation.

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2. Anticipate Growth and Plan Ahead

Growth doesn’t happen overnight, but there’s no harm in thinking of the future. It’s hard to overstate the advantage of planning well in advance when it comes to business expansion and effective strategies to make your business competitive. Some things to consider are how to meet customer needs, packaging requirements, future inventory needs, product line changes, and increasing data entry efficiencies. Our years of experience mean our team have their fingers on the pulse of current trends and can help you navigate the best approach for your business growth.

By leveraging our extensive industry contacts, we can connect you with local and imported suppliers. We’ll help get you the best prices and rates to ensure you have cost-effective options at your disposal. The bottom line is that planning ahead is the best strategy for companies to expand, whether it’s improving the storage space of their location or finding new innovative ways to serve their customer base.

Planning ahead will ensure that your warehousing expansion is not only successful but also scalable for future growth.

mezzanine floor with an industrial staircase

3. Optimise Space with Mezzanine Floors

The benefit of warehouses is that you have more room to work with than you may first think. While we’ve been trained to think of the area of a building as its floor space, when it comes to making the most of your investment, it helps to think vertically. Mezzanine floors are elevated platforms constructed within your existing warehouse space that will make use of this currently wasted space. Taking advantage of your extra vertical space, you can create additional storage or office space without the need for a costly expansion.

Whether you need office space for payroll and admin, a place for meetings, or extra storage space for your booming organisation, a mezzanine is an affordable yet game-changing option for your business. With the installation of a mezzanine, you’ll see your warehouse space reaching storage potential exceeding your previous expectations. It’s the perfect storage solution for anyone with vertical space to spare.

If you’re looking to take your warehouse to the next level, get in touch with the team at Advanced Warehouse Structures.

Mezzanine floors offer several benefits:

  • Maximising Vertical Space: When expanding your warehouse space, sometimes the best option is to think up. Make the most of your available height and utilise the cubic capacity of your warehouse efficiently with a mezzanine floor.
  • Customisation: Mezzanines can be tailored to your specific needs, including your load-bearing requirements and layout configurations. Whether you’re looking for an office space for meetings, phone calls and payroll or extra storage space for stock and resources, our team can customise the perfect mezzanine for your needs.
  • Improved Workflow: Enhance order picking, inventory management and production with optimised layouts tailored to suit your needs. A new mezzanine could be the exact addition that improves your company’s overall productivity, helping you meet the demand of your growing requirements and business needs.
  • Cost Efficiency: Costs are a headache every business owner has to face. Mezzanine installation is a cost-effective alternative to constructing a new warehouse or expanding your current one. All the benefits of a second floor at a fraction of the price? Sounds like value for money to us!

Forklift with Drive-in racking in Warehouse

4. Streamline Your Processes

One of the most crucial strategies for preparing for growth is streamlining your warehousing processes. Streamlining is all about trimming the fat from your operations by drawing attention to what can be improved and taking action. The key is to find the balance between reducing waste while still being able to meet the number of demands of your business.

Some options include automating parts of your business and using modern technology to improve stock-taking, distribution and shipping. Implementing warehouse management software, automated picking systems and real-time inventory tracking can help you manage increased demand and inventory levels more effectively. Constantly looking for an opportunity to streamline your process will make life easier for you and your staff and help your company get the edge when it comes to results.

Our team at Advanced Warehouse Structures can offer a range of recommendations for technological solutions to help you meet your objectives while aligning with your expansion plans and budget.

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5. Staff Training and Development

As your warehousing operations expand, it’s vital to invest in the training and development of your staff. Whether you’re hiring more staff or not, frequent training and development are essential to maintaining standards and improving your business. Areas that you can offer training in include managing larger inventories, using new equipment, reducing injury risk, health and safety matters and general warehouse operations. It also offers your employees the chance to offer feedback, which will provide you with insights into the pros and cons of your current systems.

With a warehouse expansion, more storage space and upgrading your shelving, you may have to alter your warehouse management system and, therefore, need to bring your staff up to speed. Though there may be some growing pains, with a little patience and teamwork, you and your team will have the ability to take your business to the next level. Your staff is the backbone of your business, so helping them evolve and improve will only have positive effects on your overall productivity.

Group of men planning a mezzanine floor installation

Your Partner in Warehousing Success: Navigating Growth with Expert Guidance

Expanding your warehousing business is a significant undertaking, but with the right guidance and planning, it can lead to increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and higher profits. No matter what products you specialise in, chances are if you want to expand, you’re going to need more storage options. Mezzanines are one of the most effective, affordable and efficient ways to increase the storage capabilities of existing warehouse space. At Advanced Warehouse Structures, we are committed to being an integral part of your company’s future growth and needs. With our wealth of knowledge and industry experience, we can help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with expansion.

Remember that every business is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. We offer personalised advice and tailored solutions to ensure your expansion journey is as smooth and successful as possible. So, whether you’re considering mezzanine floors, process optimisation, or technology upgrades, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Your business’s future growth starts with making informed decisions today.

For more information about mezzanines or other storage options, such as shelving, pallet racking and more, get in touch with the friendly expert team at Advanced Warehouse Structures today.