9 Benefits of Building a Mezzanine Office in Your Warehouse

Mezzanine office floor

Do you need an office area in your warehouse, but just don’t have the floor space? 

Mezzanine offices provide the best of both worlds, allowing you to keep your warehouse space, while still having an office to complete all your administrative work in. 

Here you’ll find some of the benefits and what you need to know about installing a mezzanine office in your industrial or commercial space.

Key Takeaways

  • A mezzanine allows you to build an office without taking up much floor space.
  • It creates a separate area to complete paperwork, and conduct client meetings and take phone calls.
  • Building a mezzanine office is a more affordable option compared with moving to another location or renovating your current building.
  • A professional mezzanine company can create the ideal design for your needs and location, taking into account your warehouse and office needs.


What is a mezzanine office?

Office Mezzanine Floor 3D Render

A mezzanine office is an office space built as an intermediate floor between two existing floors. It’s a freestanding structure that can be easily installed and disassembled.

Mezzanine offices come complete with stairs, flooring and office walls, and are a great way to expand your office floor space.


9 benefits of building a mezzanine office in your commercial business space

There aren’t many businesses that wouldn’t benefit from an office space (or more space!), but it can be difficult to find solutions that don’t take up valuable square footage, require lots of time or come with large building costs and downtime.

A mezzanine, however, is a solution worth considering. Here are nine Mezzanine office benefits that are important to consider in your hunt for more space in your warehouse.

1. Maximise your warehouse space

The most obvious benefit of a mezzanine floor is that it provides more floor space without altering the building you’re in. A mezzanine makes the most of a high ceiling, allowing you to build a second floor above your existing floor area. With the exemption of the columns and stairwell, very little of your floor area gets sacrificed and, in return, you have an entire new floor of facilities for your workplace.

2. Creates a private space

Anyone who has run their own business knows that there can be a lot of paperwork and phone calls involved. Warehouse floors are busy areas and aren’t ideal for phone calls, meetings or sorting out distribution details like shipping and payments. An office space will give you a separate area away from the hustle and bustle to take care of forms, talk to clients and customers, have one on one conversations with staff members and sort out behind-the-scenes projects like payroll.

3. Designed to fit your layout, budget and needs

Every site has its quirks and unique features, and budgets vary from business to business. A mezzanine floor design can be custom designed to fit the logistics of your building while still meeting your needs. After an inspection of your warehouse, an expert engineer can design the perfect mezzanine for your requirements. Whether you need a single office or an entire office space, a mezzanine can be created to cater to your business.

4. It’s affordable

If you need more space, options like the construction of a warehouse extension or moving to a new building are expensive and time-consuming. A mezzanine floor is a much cheaper alternative, with installation and custom design costing only a fraction of moving or building. From an investment perspective, you gain all the rewards and extra space, without all the setbacks and downtime of moving or renovating.

5. Your office can move when you do

As your business moves onwards and upwards, you may eventually decide to relocate to a larger warehouse. Changing the lease doesn’t have to come at the cost of your mezzanine office. The great news is that the mezzanine floors are a freestanding structure that don’t need to be permanently bolted or connected to your existing building. This means it can be disassembled and rebuilt at your new location. Once you’re the owner of a mezzanine office, it’s yours to take wherever you go.

6. It’s a versatile space

Need the room for a meeting with clients or staff? Have the kids after school and need somewhere for them to hang out until it’s time to clock off? Or are you looking for a great place to interview a new hire for the company? You may even just need some extra storage space. Your mezzanine office gives you an extra room to do all these things and more. Whenever you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the warehouse floor, your mezzanine office is there and can adapt to fit your needs.

7. It’s easier than other renovations

Say you own the building outright and are considering a major, permanent renovation. Unfortunately, this requires building approval, not to mention a lot of time and money. A mezzanine office allows you the benefits of having a separate workspace without having to jump through all the hoops or put down so much capital, and can be constructed in a fraction of the time.

8. You can keep an eye on your business

Paperwork needs to be done, but that doesn’t mean you need to leave the working hub altogether. Your mezzanine floor can be designed so you can look out your window and see how things are going on the warehouse floor, and is a great way to stay connected to your team while you work on your business.

9. Mezzanines can be safe and sturdy

When building anything, safety is of the utmost importance. A professionally engineered mezzanine floor will be built with the best materials, including Australian steel, and meet all necessary health and safety standards. The easiest solution to ensure you get this quality and safety, is to hire a professional to both design and install your new mezzanine office. This is all second nature to an experienced team, giving you peace of mind that your new installation is up to code.

Want to take your new office to the next level? Whatever your warehouse needs, at Advanced Warehouse Structures, we’ve got mezzanine floor solutions to match. We offer a range of services from designs to installation, at quality prices. 

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