Warehouse Relocation Racking

Beiersdorf Australia are distributors & manufacturers of some of the worlds leading brands of healthcare products such as Nivea & Elastoplast. AWS was recently successful in supplying services to Beiersdorf for their distribution facility in Huntingwood Sydney. Beiersdorf had an urgent need to increase pallet storage positions in an already established warehouse.

Beiersdorfs warehouse & office facility in Huntingwood was seriously damaged by one of Sydney’s worst hail storms in over a decade. Luckily, no one was injured during this storm as it occurred late on a Saturday afternoon at a time when there was no staff present. It was decided that the office building and warehouse was to be demolished and plans for a new building were to begin. However, this would potentially take years to develop as Beiersdorf was in need of larger premises to sustain growth requirements.

Beiersdorf is regarded highly as an efficient supplier to their client base which includes all the big names in retail distribution such as Woolworths & Wesfarmers (Coles/Myer). Beiersdorf staff & management including national distribution manager David Rodriguez and warehouse manager Jason Sacco immediately set out on the task of collaborating a warehouse relocation, salvage & supply of products in order to minimise the impact on orders placed by their clients.

This project was colossal, to say the least as most of Beiersdorf product was water damaged and could not be salvaged, so working around the clock with product salvage, air & sea freight product orders was the norm for several weeks for the Beiersdorf team.

Beiersdorf was quickly able to find a suitable “short term” warehouse for their operations however the existing Dexion pallet racking system did not suit their storage & order picking requirements. Beiersdorf then set out to source market opinions on best-fit pallet racking solutions. AWS were invited to tender and were successful.

AWS is now working with Beiersdorf to complete a full mezzanine and office fit out to house several office staff members as the existing short term premises office cannot accommodate existing Beiersdorf office staff.

AWS has been in operation since 2008 offering products and services relating to:

  • Pallet Racking & Shelving
  • Mezzanine Floors, engineering & fabrication.
  • Special Fabrication such as walkway/doorway bollards & railing
  • Supply, installation, relocation & audits of all the above
  • Forklifts – how forklifts integrate with pallet racking.

Once of the main issues our clients face is how a forklift can work along with a preferred pallet racking layout. Many customers choose to deal with a pallet racking supplier and a different forklift supplier who may often give advice based purely on knowledge of their own product and may not know the pitfalls of how both products interact.

AWS offers a full one stop shop service which guarantees 100% forklift & pallet racking integration. This means that whatever solution AWS offers, it will work! You will not have a situation where the forklift you just purchased/leased will not work in the aisles between pallet racking or will not lift high enough or carry enough weight to the height you require.

AWS customer service staff are highly professional with many team members having more than 15 years experience in the industry – expect the best from our team!

For more information or an obligation free site survey, please contact us or call 1300 955 825 and one of our friendly staff will contact you promptly.