Mezzanine Floor For Honda Australia at Melbourne Airport

Inside an industrial building


This case study shines a spotlight on the transformative capabilities of Advanced Warehouse Solutions (AWS), demonstrating how its advanced structural expertise synergised with Honda’s drive for innovation.

Set against the bustling backdrop of one of Australia’s busiest transport hubs, the project stands as a testament to AWS’s commitment to delivering top-tier infrastructure solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the global transportation industry.

Join us as we dive into this captivating collaboration, unearthing the processes, challenges, and successes that emerged along the way.


The challenge

At Melbourne Airport, the task was monumental: constructing a 1000-square-metre mezzanine floor setup, fitted with shelving, within the constraints of airport operations.

Traditional methodologies would require significant time, possibly disrupting the airport’s bustling activities. The sheer scale necessitated a substantial team but with the added pressure of shorter timeframes.

Honda, known for their precision and efficiency, was looking for a partner who could match their pace and quality. The question lingered: Could AWS rise to the occasion, meeting the stringent demands while ensuring seamless integration into one of Australia’s most active airports?

mezzanine floor with an industrial staircase

The restrictions the team was working within

Working at a major transport hub like Melbourne Airport comes with a labyrinth of regulations and restrictions.

The team had to navigate stringent airport security protocols and work within limited operational hours to avoid disrupting other work and flight schedules. Every member had to undergo certification to ensure they understood and adhered to the airport’s strict safety and operational guidelines.

Meeting these challenges required a deep understanding of Australia’s airport regulatory framework and close adherence to WorkSafe Victoria’s guidelines.

The success of the project hinged on balancing efficiency with strict compliance to these standards.


Mezzanine flooring in an industrial building

The solution

Advanced Warehouse Structures approached the challenge with a meticulously planned strategy.

By leveraging their vast experience in warehouse setups, they optimised a design tailored to Honda’s specific needs within the airport’s parameters. The solution encompassed a highly efficient workflow that minimised setup time, making the most out of restricted operational hours.

The team employed innovative assembly techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to expedite the installation. AWS’s proactive communication with regulatory bodies ensured a seamless integration of Honda’s 1000-square-metre setup, proving that even within tight confines, expert planning can lead to exemplary execution.


The wins

Advanced Warehouse Solutions delivered a triumph with the successful completion of Honda’s project in just 3 weeks, well within the challenging 5-week time limit.

While most competitors would have taken months for similar undertakings, AWS’s edge came from their vast expertise, refined assembly techniques, and efficient project management. Their ability to anticipate and navigate regulatory and logistical hurdles also played a crucial role.

Coupled with a dedicated team that prioritised swift, quality execution, AWS demonstrated their unmatched capability to transform warehouse challenges into victories, even under tight deadlines.


Why AWS could offer this level of service

Central to AWS’s unmatched service is its in-house manufacturing. By overseeing the production process firsthand, they eliminate third-party delays and ensure top-tier quality.

This not only accelerates delivery timeframes but also ensures seamless integration of components. Bolstered by an experienced team, well-versed in every nuance of warehouse structure projects, AWS guarantees efficiency at every stage.

Their combined expertise and in-house approach empower them to consistently meet, if not exceed, client expectations, even within the most stringent timelines.


Why use AWS

Selecting AWS means opting for unparalleled expertise.

Their proficiency in mezzanine floors ensures space optimisation, while their mastery in pallet racking guarantees safe and efficient storage solutions. Their versatile shelving solutions cater to varied industry needs.

Beyond products, AWS shines in services — be it seamless installation and relocation or meticulous maintenance and signage.

Choose AWS for a holistic, expert-backed approach to warehouse structures.


Professional assembling a mezzanine floor

A Testament to Expertise

In the demanding world of construction, meeting precise requirements often becomes a challenge.

Through rigorous inspections, top-quality engineering, and adept construction, AWS proved their prowess at Melbourne Airport’s site. Their workers, committed to excellence, swiftly built a mezzanine floor that not only optimised space but also passed stringent building codes.

While the sturdy floor stands as a testament to their quality materials, their invaluable advice and service to Honda showcased a dedication beyond more construction.

When seeking a partner for your next project, AWS emerges as the obvious choice — where vision, expertise, and commitment meet to create top-quality products.

Mezzanine Floor storage

ConnectAbility Mezzanine Floor

Project Description

Client: ConnectAbility
Location:   Newcastle, NSW
Project: Structural Raised Storage Floor with Office fitout

We were able to quickly install a structural steel mezzanine for ConnectAbility in Newcastle. The floor went on to be fitted out with offices.

Mezzanine wooden floor

Huge Mezzanine Floor Completed In Wetherill Park

Mezzanine wooden floor

With an installation time of just 1 week we completed this 418 m2 floor in Wetherill Park including two staircases, safety handrail along the front complete with sliding pallet access gates to the clients deadline.

This floor is doubling the area space for storage as racking can also be installed under the floor. Pallet racking will be installed on the floor holding product to be picked by employers ready for dispatch. The area of this floor is 418m2 doubling the area of the section of the warehouse to 836m2!

This structural floor is designed to hold 500 Kg/m2 providing plenty of storage ability for the customer. All our floors are custom designed so your floor can be engineered for 350 – 500 Kg/m2 or more depending on your needs!

Benefits of this floor

This floor has a range of benefits to the customer including:

  • Doubling storage area.
  • Pallet access gates creating easy access on the floor.
  • Two staircases for access and meeting fire regulations.
  • Affordable and much cheaper than moving location.
  • Free standing meaning it is possible to be moved or sold in the future!
Mezzanine Floor storage

Waterlogic Structural Floor

Mezzanine Floor storage

Project Description

Client: Waterlogic
Location:   Marrickville NSW 2204
Project: Structural raised storage floor

Waterlogic in Marrickville, Sydney was quickly able to expand their storage space in their current warehouse premises with our structural raised storage area. The floor includes a new set of staircases, handrail, and a pallet access gate allowing them to move stock to and from the floor.

Customer testimonial

We commissioned AWS to replace our mezzanine at our Marrickville warehouse.

We found the service and quality of work to be outstanding and AWS were the most competitive bidder for the project when tendered.