Warehouse Two Level Structural Mezzanine Floor

A cost-effective way to greatly increase your usable storage space and office area.

We Build Complete Mezzanine Solutions

Raised storage spaces (called Mezzanine Floors) are a cost-effective way to increase your usable space. Our structural mezzanine floors are designed to achieve just this, and they are cheaper than moving premises. Plus, they are designed and fabricated in-house, right here in Australia.

All of our mezzanine floors are free-standing, meaning they can be fabricated, installed, and ready to use quickly. We design each to suit your requirements by completing a site measure before design work. We are mezzanine floor builders with years of experience constructing small and large floors. And for several uses, including light-weight office to heavy-duty storage, and even two-level floors.

Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

Our mezzanine floors are a proven way of increasing the utility of your warehouse space or office area. Still, apart from just providing an easy, practical way of improving your current site without moving, it also comes with many additional benefits:

  • Cost-effective construction – Mezzanine floors are quick to manufacture and construct, making them a cost-effective way of increasing your floor space, particularly when you compare the cost of moving your business to a larger workspace.
  • Customisable – From heavy-duty storage to office spaces and breakout areas, mezzanine floors are highly customisable structures that can be tailored to your business’s specific needs.
  • Can be quickly constructed or removed – Due to the fact that mezzanine floors are manufactured off-site, their installation is very efficient. Because they are free-standing structures, requiring no need to be bolted into your floors or walls, they can be taken down quickly and without any permanent damage to your existing space.
Warehouse Mezzanine Floor
mezzanine floors in warehouse
Dahlsens Mezzanine Structural Floor with Up and Over Gate


  • Increase your storage or office space
  • Locally fabricated using local steel
  • Custom designed for your warehouse space
  • Free-standing and can be removed later
  • Light and heavy duty options
  • Staircases, pallet access gates, and more
  • Meets Australian Standards and BCS requirements


  • Free quote and custom design
  • Short lead times
  • Locally fabricated
  • Delivery and installation
  • RSA floor kits
  • Staircases and pallet gates

Mezzanine Floor Products

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The AWS team strives to have a short lead time and provides a free quote for anyone looking to improve the utility of their floor space in a quick, durable and cost-effective manner, so call us for a mezzanine floors consultation today.

Whatever the requirement, Advanced Warehouse Structures has the experience and tools necessary to quickly manufacture and construct the type of mezzanine floor and customisable space you need.

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Mezzanine Floor Design

Mezzanine floors are a smart and cost-effective manner of increasing the floor space of your warehouse or workspace. They are freestanding structures, built out of metal, that introduce a second floor to your existing floor space. This means that you can double the floor space available to your business without ever needing to move to a larger location.

Our mezzanine floor designs are tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients and can incorporate any number of additions, including one or two stories, awnings, specialised barricades, walkways, up-and-over pallet safety gates and customised staircases.

Our mezzanine floors can be customised as extra storage space, with reinforced floors to allow for heavy-duty shelving and packing, or they can be tailored to act as office spaces with power outlets and other office needs.

Whatever the requirement, our mezzanine floor builders have the experience and tools necessary to quickly manufacture and construct the type of customisable space you need.

Mezzanine Floor 3D design

Mezzanine Floor Construction

Our mezzanine floor construction process follows a proven method to ensure that we meet high Australian standards and BCS requirements.

  • We begin by performing a thorough site inspection before manufacturing the parts necessary for the mezzanine floor installation. We measure the available space and consult with our client on the best location for the floor and what additional requirements might be needed.
  • Our team then uses their years of experience installing mezzanine floors to help design a mezzanine structure that will meet your needs and budget while keeping the practical requirements of your site in mind.
  • After our mezzanine floor design is approved, we begin fabricating the necessary parts here in Australia using locally sourced steel to ensure the highest quality for our free-standing structures.
  • Once the parts are ready, we expertly and efficiently move in and install the mezzanine floor with as little disruption to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several common weight classes. For office usage, 350kg/ m² is usual. And for product storage, the most common is 500kg/ m². We however often do 1000/m² and others.

All mezzanines are made to suit the client’s needs. It is economical to keep them around 3300mm max to the top finished floor, as this can use a single-run staircase. Going over 3400mm needs to add a mid-landing to the staircase, which we often do to assist the client in their requirements.

Advanced Warehouse Structures are one of the largest manufacturers of mezzanine floors, and depending on the time of order, and how many have been ordered, we average from 4 weeks to 8 weeks lead time. Please ask at the time of ordering or getting a quotation.

We have staff looking after Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Brisbane. However, we also service and build many in Adelaide, and a few in Perth.

Advanced Warehouse Structures has several Qualified Engineers on permanent staff. And all our floors come with full engineering certificates and are fully engineering certified. Any council certification is up to the client to look after if needed for their order.

Your requirements are paramount, as are the Australian Building Regulation requirements and the relevant OHS standards – don’t worry. We can help with all of that. A professional and experienced mezzanine designer and installer must include such considerations as fire safety – sprinkler systems and smoke detectors – and edge protection (think handrails, signage and non-slip treads). From a design perspective, you have many options:

  1. An open-plan mezzanine
    If you want your mezzanine level to feel like part of your warehouse’s main space, leave it open. This will allow the two separate spaces to merge seamlessly into one another while allowing you to interact between floors. Great for extra storage.
  2. A private mezzanine
    Creating a private mezzanine is beneficial should your office space requires peace and quiet – and your factory floor is quite the opposite. Fixed, transparent glazing can seal the elevated space while maintaining its visual connection to the factory floor. Alternatively, wall it off completely to maintain entirely separate spaces.
  3. A combination of both
    If you can’t decide whether your mezzanine should be a public or private space, why not hedge your bets and create a glass wall that provides a fixed balustrade and an openable section of windows. This gives you both privacy and the ability to merge the spaces into one.
  4. A floating mezzanine
    Mezzanines don’t always have to be constructed from wall to wall in one half of a warehouse. If you only require a fraction of the extra warehouse floor space, suspending a mezzanine in the corner is a good solution.

Advanced Warehouse Structures will meticulously measure your space before designing and building your new Mezzanine floor directly from the supplier to perfectly suit your requirements. In close consultation with you, our client, final designs are decided upon along with a schedule of manufacture and installation.

Our team of professionals with over 125 years of collective industry experience are fully qualified and well-trained in the mezzanine floor industry. You can expect approximately 4 to 5 weeks of manufacturing time on your mezzanine; we do this offsite to minimise disruption to your business and its day-to-day activities. Installation depends on the design. However, a smooth process is our main priority. On-site quality checks, a final clean, your sign-off, and your mezzanine are ready for use.

ConnectAbility Mezzanine Floor Worker Installing electrical
ConnectAbility Mezzanine Floor steel floor above

Mezzanine Floor Projects Completed

We have completed a number of mezzanine floor storage areas around Australia. Below, you can explore some projects we have recently completed, including a video on a floor we recently installed.

Additional Mezzanine Features

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