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Read on to gain some further clarity around the potential cost of installing your very own storage solution.

Building a mezzanine floor is an efficient and cost effective way to increase the functionality and storage within your existing workshop or warehouse. These free standing structures can be custom designed to be as versatile as your premises requires with the options to include stairs, extra levels and heavy duty storage.

With the perfect commercial area hard to find, a mezzanine floor will allow you to stay in your businesses existing location and avoid the hassle of moving, all while gaining extra storage so nothing is holding you back.

One of the first questions we hear is ‘what is the cost of mezzanine floors’, and like anything of a custom built, per square meter design, the prices can vary greatly.

Mezzanine Floors Cost Factors

The final mezzanine floor cost will vary depending on a range of factors including size, materials and type. Prices are generally charged per square meter and the type of storage needs, how you plan to use the flooring, the potential load and the access requirements all come into your final quoted cost.

There are two main types of mezzanine flooring, either free standing or mounted, and your choice will depend on what you will need your mezzanine floors for and the parameters of your space.

  • A freestanding mezzanine floor is a flooring is held up by supporting columns connected to beams. This type of mezzanine flooring will be suitable for most warehouses depending on the size of the room, the specifics of what will be held on the floor, the maximum potential weight limits, the height of the floor, the number of floors per square meter, and so on.
  • Mounted mezzanine floors are suitable for smaller units, where there is no room for columns, and the building has good strong walls.
Warehouse Mezzanine Floor
mezzanine floors in warehouse

With AWS, you will experience:

  • Local fabrication
  • Custom designs
  • Exceeded BCS requirements
  • Free quotes
  • Short lead times
  • Delivery and installation included
  • RSA floor kits

Increase your floor space for less

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With AWS mezzanines, you will be doubling the use of your existing floor space and we can customise your design so you can enjoy maximum functionality of your floors.

Mezzanine projects range in prices and our friendly team is here to help with our free quote system so you can have a clear picture of your potential cost.

Your Individual Mezzanine Floor Cost

In selecting your mezzanine floor, it’s important to have a clear idea for how you will use the flooring, including what you will store within it if you will use it for an office or as an extra room.

Understanding these factors will help us to refine your potential costs based on exactly what you need the mezzanine flooring for.

If you will be creating offices, we need to consider livable factors such as a ceiling, staircase and flooring support to ensure safe navigation of the space.

If you’re installing mezzanine floors simply for storage, we will make the mezzanines durable, reliable and safe, but we may not have to include as many moving parts within your final cost.

The cost of your mezzanine floors per square meter could potentially be lower from factors such as a decreased height or smaller load spacing. On the other hand, if the requirements to ensure the strength and stability of your mezzanine floor increase with potential load capacity, so will the price.

We work closely with you to custom design the perfect mezzanine floor for your space so you can rest assured that your final mezzanine floor cost won’t be too much or too little for your needs.

You may want to know

A mezzanine floor is a versatile second floor above the existing area in your commercial space.

Mezzanine floors utilise the ceiling space above your storage or offices to extend your options into the otherwise wasted roof space. A standard mezzanine floor weight capacity is 350kg per square meter for office or 500kg per meter for storage but can be built to hold up to one tonne per square meter, making them the perfect storage solution for a range of industries.

The mezzanine floor can be made from a range of different floor types including particleboard flooring, structural ply, concrete compressed sheet and metal grid mesh, which will depend on the type of activity that the mezzanine floor will be used for. If your mezzanine floor will be used for high traffic or extremely heavy loads, the floors will have to be above industry standard and may incur a greater cost.

A mezzanine floor or mezzanine level is an incredibly cost effective way to increase the space within your working area, cutting the cost of buying or renting a larger workshop or more offices.

When building your mezzanine floor with AWS, your mezzanine will be measured, designed, fabricated and installed by the same team, specifically for your building. This allows us to get your mezzanine levels sorted quickly so that you can get back to growing your business.

We design each mezzanine floor to fit your exact requirements and can create them to suit a range of needs, from heavy duty industrial storage to extra office spaces and even a two-level floor with functional stairs.

In considering the cost of your mezzanine floor, it is helpful to understand the process we take to create the highest quality floor for your building.

It is not as simple as design and installation and there are a few steps that we take with each of our projects to ensure each mezzanine level receives the benefits that we are known for.

Our mezzanine level construction process ensures that we meet strict Australian standards and approvals of Building Certification Systems.

Our process works as follows:
  1. Thorough site inspections

We begin by performing a thorough site inspection prior to manufacturing the parts necessary for the mezzanine floor installation.

We measure the space available and consult with our client on where the best location for the floor will be and what extra requirements might be needed.

  1. A depth of experience

Our team then uses their years of experience to help design a mezzanine structure that will meet your needs and budget while keeping the practical requirements of your site in mind.

  1. Installation

Once the parts are ready we expertly and efficiently move in and install the mezzanine floor with as little disruption to your business as possible.

Mezzanine Floors - The Cost Effective Solution

Choosing a mezzanine floor has a range of benefits and is the cost effective solution to a range of problems. We work hard to keep the cost of installation as affordable as possible, and we charge per square meter so that you know you’ll be getting exactly what you paid for.

Mezzanines have a range of features to benefit businesses including an increase in your storage, free standing designs plus light and heavy duty options.

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