Warehouse Two Level Structural Mezzanine Floor

Transform your Gold Coast business with our cost-effective mezzanine floors, designed for maximum utility.

We Build Complete Mezzanine Solutions on the Gold Coast 

Elevated storage spaces, known as mezzanine floors, are a cost-efficient solution to augment your usable storage and office space, particularly suitable for businesses on the Gold Coast. Our structural mezzanine floors are crafted with this very goal in mind, offering an alternative to the high cost of relocating. All of our floors are designed and produced domestically, right here in Australia.

Every floor we construct stands independently, enabling swift fabrication, installation and utilisation. We meticulously tailor each design to fit your specific requirements, starting with a detailed site measurement before the design phase. As experienced mezzanine floor builders, we bring years of expertise to the table. Whether you need a lightweight office space or a heavy-duty storage area, we’re here to help.

Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

Our mezzanine floors are a tried and tested method of optimising your warehouse or office space in the Gold Coast region. Beyond offering a practical and straightforward way to upgrade your current site without resorting to relocation, they bring with them numerous other benefits:

  • Cost-efficient building – The quick manufacturing and construction of mezzanine floors make them an economically viable means of expanding your floor space, especially considering the high costs of moving your business to a larger facility on the Gold Coast.
  • Adaptability – From heavy-duty storage to office spaces and communal areas, mezzanine floors are highly adaptable structures that can be fine-tuned to align with your business’s particular needs.
  • Swift assembly and dismantling – As mezzanine floors are pre-manufactured off-site, their installation process is fast. Being self-standing structures that do not require bolting to your floors or walls, they can be removed quickly, leaving no lasting damage to your existing space. This flexibility is a crucial advantage for businesses operating in the dynamic Gold Coast environment.
Warehouse Mezzanine Floor
mezzanine floors in warehouse
Dahlsens Mezzanine Structural Floor with Up and Over Gate


  • Increase your storage or office space
  • Locally fabricated using local steel
  • Custom-designed for your warehouse
  • Free-standing and can be removed later
  • Light-duty and heavy-duty options
  • Staircases, pallet access gates, and more
  • Meets Australian standards and BCS requirements


  • Free quote and custom design
  • Short lead times
  • Locally fabricated
  • Delivery and installation
  • RSA floor kits
  • Staircases and pallet gates

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The AWS team, serving the Gold Coast area, strives to have short lead times. We offer a free quote for any business seeking to enhance the functionality of their floor space in a quick, durable and cost-effective manner. Call us for a consultation today!

Whatever the requirement, Advanced Warehouse Structures has the experience and tools necessary to quickly manufacture and construct the type of customisable space you need.

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Mezzanine Floor Design

Mezzanine floors provide a strategic and economical solution for expanding the floor space of your Gold Coast warehouse or workspace. These standalone metal structures insert an additional level into your existing space, potentially doubling your available floor area without the need to relocate.

Our mezzanine floor designs are meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our Gold Coast clients. We can accommodate a variety of features, such as single or double stories, awnings, specialised barricades, walkways, pallet safety gates, and custom staircases.

Our mezzanine floors can be customised for storage purposes, featuring reinforced flooring suitable for heavy-duty shelving and packaging, or they can be modified to serve as office spaces equipped with power outlets and other necessary office amenities.

Regardless of what you need, our skilled mezzanine floor builders have the experience and equipment to swiftly design, manufacture and install the adaptable space that your Gold Coast business needs.

Mezzanine Floor Construction

Our mezzanine floor construction process adheres to a trusted method, ensuring that we stick to the high Australian standards, BCS regulations, and the specific requirements of the Gold Coast region.

  • To start, we conduct an in-depth inspection of your site prior to the manufacturing phase of the mezzanine floor components. We assess the available space and liaise with you to identify the most suitable location for the floor, along with any extra requirements.
  • Using our vast experience, our team designs a mezzanine structure that fulfils your needs and stays within your budget, all while taking into account the functional prerequisites of your site. This includes the unique climate conditions and industry regulations of the Gold Coast.
  • Upon the approval of our design, we begin fabricating the necessary parts right here in Australia, using locally sourced steel. This guarantees high-quality independent structures.
  • As soon as the components are ready, our experts step in to install the mezzanine floor, causing minimal disruption to your business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several common weight classes. For office usage, 350 kg/m² is standard. For product storage, the most common is 500 kg/m². However, we often do 1000 kg/m² and others. We will cover this information and more in our consultation.

Our mezzanine floor designs are tailored to suit the specific needs of each client. This could include one or two stories, awnings, specialised barricades, walkways, up-and-over pallet safety gates, and customised staircases. They can also be equipped for various purposes, from heavy-duty storage to office spaces. We will cover all of this in our consultation and design stage — we only begin construction once we have your approval.

The parts of our mezzanine floors are manufactured right here in Australia using locally sourced steel. This ensures the highest quality for our free-standing structures, all while supporting local industries.

Once the parts for your mezzanine floor are ready, our experienced team will efficiently install the floor with as little disruption as possible to your business. Because the structures are freestanding, they don’t require bolting into your floors or walls, simplifying the process and minimising downtime.

Simply get in touch with us today for a free quote! Our team is ready to talk to you, understand your needs, and provide a solution specifically tailored to your Gold Coast business.

From a design perspective, you have many options:

  1. An open-plan mezzanine
    If you want your mezzanine level to feel like part of your warehouse’s main space, leave it open. This will allow the two separate spaces to merge seamlessly into one another while allowing you to interact between floors. This is great for extra storage.
  2. A private mezzanine
    Creating a private mezzanine is beneficial should your office space require peace and quiet, while your factory floor is quite the opposite. Fixed, transparent glazing can seal the elevated space while maintaining its visual connection to the factory floor. Alternatively, wall it off completely to maintain entirely separate spaces.
  3. A combination of both
    If you can’t decide whether your mezzanine should be a public or private space, why not hedge your bets and create a glass wall that provides a fixed balustrade and an openable section of windows? This gives you both privacy and the ability to merge the spaces into one.
  4. A floating mezzanine
    Mezzanines don’t always have to be constructed from wall to wall in one half of a warehouse. If you only require a fraction of the extra warehouse floor space, suspending a mezzanine in the corner is a good solution.

One of the great advantages of mezzanine floors is their adaptability. If your business needs change, the mezzanine floor can be quickly modified or removed without causing any permanent damage to your existing space. This makes it a flexible and future-proof solution for your Gold Coast business.

Mezzanine Floor Projects Completed

We have completed a number of mezzanine floor storage areas on the Gold Coast and across Australia. Below you can explore some projects that we have recently completed, including a video on a floor recently installed by our mezzanine floor builders.

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