Warehouse Two Level Structural Mezzanine Floor

A cost-effective way to greatly increase your usable storage.

A mezzanine floor is a raised storage area that can add more storage space to your business or warehouse. If your current storage capacity is inadequate or if you need long span shelving, mezzanine flooring may be the perfect solution. Our structural mezzanine floors are designed to achieve extra capacity within the warehouse environment, made with the strongest building materials to withstand heavy loads, traffic from workers and long-span use. Additionally, they are designed and fabricated in-house, right here in Australia, ready to serve Sydney warehouses. We have years of experience in constructing mezzanine flooring to suit a number of warehouses, bringing the benefits of budget-friendly raised storage area solutions to businesses Australia wide.

Install mezzanines for more than just more space

Our mezzanine floors offer a proven way to increase the utility of your warehouse or distribution centre. Aside from providing an easy, practical way of improving your current storage and functionality, a mezzanine floor will create a range of additional benefits:

Budget-friendly service.

Mezzanine floors are quick to manufacture and construct making them a budget-friendly way of increasing your floor usage, particularly when you compare to the cost of moving your business to a larger workspace.


From heavy-duty storage to office spaces or a break room, mezzanine floors are highly customisable structures that can be tailored to the needs of your room, team, building or industry. Mezzanine floors can come with stairways or single storey’s, made to measure for a perfect fit.

Can be quickly constructed or removed.

Our mezzanines are free-standing structures making them much quicker to construct and remove. Installation is very efficient, straight from our warehouse to you.

Our mezzanine floor Sydney operation is helping businesses and distribution centres Sydney wide to create storage space, manufacturing solutions, equipment safety and inventory management, with the highest quality services. By creating a mezzanine floor in your building, you can keep your company, its inventory and equipment in the same place.

Warehouse Mezzanine Floor
mezzanine floors in warehouse
Dahlsens Mezzanine Structural Floor with Up and Over Gate


  • Range of uses for your building
  • Locally fabricated using local steel
  • Custom designed for your warehouse
  • Free-standing and can be removed later
  • Light and heavy-duty options
  • Staircases, pallet access gates, and more


  • Free quotations and custom designs
  • Short lead and manufacturing times
  • Locally fabricated
  • Delivery and installation
  • RSA floor kits
  • Staircases and pallet gates

Call us for a free quote

The AWS team strives to have a short lead time and provides free quotations for anyone looking to improve the utility of their floor space in a quick, durable and budget-friendly manner, so call us for a consultation today. We operate Australia wide, including Sydney NSW.

We design to suit your requirements by completing a site measure prior to design work. Advanced Warehouse Structures has the experience and tools necessary to quickly manufacture and construct the type of customisable space you need.

Mezzanine floor solutions for your industry

Our mezzanine floor solutions provide a smart and cost-effective option to maximise the floor area of your warehouse or workspace. They are freestanding structures built out of metal, that introduce a second floor to your existing space. This means that you can double the floor space available to your business without ever needing to move to a larger location.

Our mezzanine floor designs are tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients and can incorporate any number of additions including one or two stories, awnings, specialised barricades, walkways, up-and-over pallet safety gates and customised staircases. Our reinforced mezzanine flooring can be customised and allow for heavy-duty shelving or to act as offices with power outlets and other professional needs.

Expert mezzanine floor builders

Our construction process follows a proven method to ensure that we meet high Australian standards and BCS requirements. Our mezzanine flooring is constructed to be free-standing, meaning they can be fabricated, installed, and ready to use in a short amount of time.

  • We begin by performing a thorough site inspection with a free measure. This will allow our team to manufacture the parts necessary for the mezzanine floor installation along with determining where the best location for the floor will be and what extra requirements might be needed.
  • After your free measure, the team uses their years of experience to design a mezzanine structure that will meet your needs and budget, while keeping the practical requirements of your site in mind.
  • After approval, we begin to fabricate the parts using locally sourced steel to ensure the highest quality.
  • Once the parts are ready we expertly and efficiently move in and install the mezzanine floor with as little disruption to your business as possible.

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Mezzanine Floor Projects Completed

We have completed a number of mezzanine floor storage areas around Sydney. Below you can explore some projects which we have recently completed. Including a video on a floor, we recently installed.

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