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AWS has become renowned for its quality designs and customisable solutions to business space and access requirements. Our staircases are durable and flexible in their construction, making them a fantastic addition to both physical environments such as warehouses and more aesthetic spaces such as offices. We offer a range of durable metal staircases to help you choose the design that best suits your needs.

We design, fabricate and install a range of custom staircases, including industrial stairs, fire staircases and others suitable for offices. All of our staircases are designed using stainless steel but can be supplied in a number of configurations and materials, including wooden treads, spine designs, and more. This is a cost-effective way to increase the usability of your space.

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Industrial Stairs
Industrial Stairs - Honda - Melbourne Airport

Our Range of Staircases for Businesses, Warehouses & Offices

Industrial Staircases

Our industrial staircases are made of high-grade industrial steel, a solid metal suitable for difficult working environments. These staircases meet the high Australian standards and are designed to sustain constant wear and tear, providing robust support over the long term.

Mezzanine Stairs

Our mezzanine stairs are designed to work with our industrial mezzanine floors. They are made to provide strong support but remain completely free-standing, requiring no bolts to your walls or floor. This makes these industrial stairs easy to set up and remove as your business changes.

Fire Staircases

AWS fire staircases are designed to meet stringent Australian and BCA requirements, designed for both regular use and use in an emergency; they are a flexible and necessary addition to any warehouse, office or business serious about worker safety.

Customisable Staircase Designs & Features

  • Customisable designs. Our designs are highly customisable, giving you the option to choose the appearance that best suits your business and industrial staircase, from stainless steel staircases that focus purely on function and make a bold statement to more elegant styles suitable for offices. Our steel stairs may include features such as glass, wood or spinal patterns. Discuss your design ideas with us to get a completely customised product.
  • Tailored tread options. The type of tread is an important consideration for the durability and overall appeal of a staircase. We provide a number of options for all our products, including stainless steel, mesh or wood.
  • Custom handrail designs. Our handrail designs are customisable and include a range of options; from durable plain steel handrails to contemporary glass designs. We can even exclude the handrail completely if it isn’t needed for the build or a part of your design ideas.
  • Multiple levels or mid-landings. AWS are experts at fitting steel staircases into the existing structure of your business, including multi-level designs for taller warehouses or mid-landings for tighter office spaces. We can meet your requirements.


  • Designed and fabricated in-house
  • Suitable for industrial raised storage floors/mezzanines, fire exits, offices, and more.
  • Range of designs and material, including spine staircases
  • Multiple tread options, including steel, mesh, or wood
  • Handrail in a variety of design options
  • Options for multiple-levels and/or mid-landings
  • Meets Australian and BCA requirements


  • Free quote and custom design
  • Short lead times
  • Locally fabricated
  • Delivery and installation
  • Raised storage areas

Benefits of AWS Staircase Designs

  • Excellent quality. All our staircases are built with a steel frame, making them durable and of quality construction suitable for all types of businesses.
  • Custom Design. Our designs and components are highly customisable, from overlaying wooden treads and a glass handrail to create stunning office centrepieces to building tough-as-nails and steel fire stairs to adhere to stringent safety policies.
  • Fabricated Locally. We fabricate our staircases locally and adhere to Australian and BCA requirements to provide our clients with the best quality builds.
  • Complete service. Our services are complete; from the design and fabrication of the staircases to delivering and installing them, we ensure that you only get the best of what we offer.
  • Short lead times. Our ability to manufacture in a local factory, combined with the experience of our staff, means that we provide fast, efficient service with very short lead times.

Our Work

We have completed a number of industrial staircase projects around Australia including, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, and regional NSW and Victoria.

Staircase and Mezzanine Floor
mezzanine floor with an industrial staircase

Frequently Asked Questions

Costs will vary based on a variety of factors, including the size of the stairs, the location of the warehouse, the client’s needs and the materials used. Due to every project being different, it’s difficult to give an accurate price without knowing more specific details. However, if you get in touch with us, we can discuss your proposal in more depth and then offer a quote for the project.

No two businesses or warehouse spaces are quite the same, and a customisable design allows your professional mezzanine expert to create the perfect staircase for your needs. Our team will consult with you on what you’re after, answer any questions you have, and, with this information, will offer their expert advice on the best solution for your needs. It also allows us to take the budget into account and allows us to adapt to your financial situation, along with your needs.

We’ve completed staircases all around Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and regional New South Wales and Victoria. We manufacture all our products and items locally, ensuring a short lead time for all projects.

Absolutely. All industrial and mezzanine floor staircases and handrails need to meet a set of regulations to ensure they are safe to use. For example, according to the National Building Code, all mezzanine floor staircases must be made from stainless steel. Safety standards are something our team takes seriously, and we ensure every project we complete and item we do meets Australian standards. You can find out more information about staircase regulations by reading our comprehensive blog post on the matter.

While it’s possible to install a staircase yourself, our professional team performs installations all the time and has all the skill, knowledge, machinery and experience that comes with this. This means you’ll not only be sure that your staircase will be a quality product but that it will also be installed in a fraction of the time. There’s also the added benefit of professionals knowing all the legalities and codes they need to meet, meaning you’ll avoid any nasty fines down the track. To organise an installation, get in touch today.

Actually, it may not be as expensive as you think. When you buy a staircase with an installation, most of the money actually goes towards the materials and the construction of the staircase. The installation costs make up a small part of the overall price. Why not get in touch with our team to get a free and obligation-free quote?

Far from it. Advanced Warehouse Solutions offers a range of shelving options and accessories, including pallet racking and warehouse shelves. We can also design, manufacture and install a mezzanine floor specifically for your business. We have a wide range of options to increase warehouse storage space and functionality.

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