7 Reasons to Hire Professional Mezzanine Floor Builders vs DIY

Professional assembling a mezzanine floor

When it comes to building a mezzanine, it may be tempting to try to save a few bucks by installing it yourself. But is this really an effective money-saving strategy or is it going to cause more problems than it solves?

Hiring a professional may not be quite as expensive as you think and will pay for itself in terms of what you get for your money. So, let’s take a look at the range of benefits to hire a professional mezzanine floor builder over installing it yourself.

Key Takeaways

  • Hiring a professional service will cut down on installation time while providing you with a better product.
  • Professional floor builders offer a range of designs and can specifically design a mezzanine for your unique industrial or commercial space.
  • Hiring a professional mezzanine floor builder vs building a mezzanine floor kit yourself may actually save you money by taking care of the design, shipping and installation.

Why more businesses are choosing to build mezzanine floors in their industrial space

Mezzanine floors are a popular addition to warehouses, factories and other industrial spaces. Whether you need more storage space or an office area, there are mezzanine floor solutions to meet your needs. Just some of the top reasons more businesses in Australia are choosing to build mezzanine floors include:

  • They are a viable option for warehouses, factories, industrial and commercial spaces
  • They are cheaper than moving location.
  • Warehouse mezzanine floors make the most of the space offered by high ceilings.
  • They create a platform from which you can create a whole new commercial floor space.
  • Mezzanines can be disassembled and rebuilt, so when you move, you can take your mezzanine with you.


7 Advantages of hiring professional mezzanine builders vs using a DIY floor kit

Group of men planning a mezzanine floor installation

Building a mezzanine floor is a big job, especially if you haven’t done it before. While it’s certainly possible to put together your mezzanine floor kit yourself, it’s worth weighing up whether this is really the best option for you. Here are the top benefits of a professional installation that you may be missing out on if you try and DIY the process:

1. Less downtime

No matter how handy you are, odds are that the professionals in the industry can complete an installation in a fraction of the time you can, especially for bigger projects.

Why is there such a difference in productivity? This is what a professional does day in and out and they know all the tricks and insights into the process.  They have all the tools and equipment at the ready and know exactly what they are doing. Professional companies have a tried-and-true system that can take care of everything from design to shipping, and installation faster than you could ever do this yourself.  There are a lot of things you’ll need to learn about mezzanine building as you go, but it will be second nature to a professional. Quicker installation also means less downtime for your warehouse or business, saving you time in lots of other ways.

2. It might actually be cheaper to hire a professional

In an ideal world, DIY projects all go to plan and no mistakes are made. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case, and as projects go, building a mezzanine is a pretty big one. A professional will have the experience to meet your budget and specifications, meaning they’ll have options on where to save money without sacrificing functionality or quality. They’ll also have all the parts and tools needed to complete the project in no time, without costly mistakes and delays.

3. You can find the perfect design

Every site has its peculiarities and unique features. After an initial consultation, a professional can help design the perfect mezzanine for you and your workers. A professional team can take care of all the details including support beams, decking, column placement and the frame. They’ll also be able to determine the best point of access and create mezzanine floor solutions that will serve your needs without interfering with your business. You’ll get a higher quality product and a better design working with professionals who can tweak plans to suit your needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all kit to try and DIY.

4. Meeting safety requirements

Though you don’t need approval on most mezzanines, you do need to comply with health and safety standards. A professional installer will know the codes and requirements like the back of their hand. Our engineers can offer advice and quotes on a mezzanine design that meets both your needs and the safety requirements.  Having a professional design, build and install your mezzanine will give you the peace of mind that the safety requirements are properly taken care of.

5. Installation isn’t actually that expensive.

While it may feel like a great way to keep money in your pocket, the truth is that the price of installation is a very small part of the overall mezzanine cost. Most of the money you’ll spend goes towards materials, design and manufacturing. Therefore, the very reason you’re considering to DIY your mezzanine installation may not reap the benefits you’re hoping for, and the time it takes you to do the project yourself may not be worth what you are ‘saving’.

6. Create the perfect storage space

Different mezzanine floors are designed for different purposes. If you’re operating a warehouse, distribution centres or factory, you’ll always be looking for efficient storage solutions. The amount of weight a mezzanine can hold will vary depending on the design and trying to do this yourself may be difficult.  A professional team will build to the right standards and also offer various shelving and pallet racking options to go with it.

7. A variety of design options

Whether you need mezzanine offices that overlook the factory floor or want a private area tucked away from the hustle and bustle, a custom built mezzanine can be designed to meet your needs and can vary in style. A professional mezzanine company will know all the options available to you and can recommend the right option that will work for you business.

Think you’re saving on costs with DIY Mezzanine Floor Kits? You may be in for a surprise…

Though it may logically seem that DIY would be a great way to save money, you may be surprised this isn’t always the case. The process of installing mezzanine floors can be time-consuming if you haven’t done it before, which could end up eating into the productivity of your business. Mistakes can happen, and depending on the severity, you might have to hire a professional to fix them anyway. A professional team will take care of the design, manufacturing, shipping and installation of your mezzanine floor in an efficient and cost effective way.

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