Our Floor Kits

We can supply pre-designed mezzanine floor kits which are based on our raised storage areas. We offer kits for light, medium, and heavy duty and can be supplied with or without installation.

Every mezzanine floor kit is completely engineered, fabricated in-house, and are a free-standing designing. This means they can be installed easily and re-located in the future.

Mezzanine Floor 3D design

Kit Options

We have three kits to choose from to suit your requirements.

Light Kit

For light storage

  • 300 Kg/m2
  • Suitable for light storage and small offices
  • Most affordable solution
  • Can be provided in any size for your requirements

Medium Kit

Medium Storage/Office

  • 500 Kg/m2
  • Suitable for most storage types and any office size
  • Commercial
  • Can be provided in any size for your requirements

Heavy-Duty Kit

For heavy storage

  • Over 500 Kg/m2
  • Suitable for heavy storage or other uses such as gyms
  • Pallet racking systems on the floor
  • Can be provided in any size for your requirements


Custom Designed

Custom designed for your warehouse and requirements.

Cost Effective

Often cheaper than moving warehouses.

Locally Made

All our floors are designed & fabricated in house.

Short Lead Times

We can design and Install a floor in a matter of weeks.

Storage And Office

Our floors can be used for both storage & office space.

Safety Standards

Designed to both Australian and BCA Standards.

Raised Storage Areas

Download a brochure on Raised Storage Areas by Advanced Warehouse Structures

Contact Us

Contact us for a free quote and design. After contacting us one of our structural raised storage area team members will come out to your warehouse. We will then measure your warehouse so we can then design a floor for your requirements.


Including Sydney, Illawarra, and regional NSW.



Including Melbourne, Geelong, and regional Victoria.

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