Everything You Need to Know About AWS Heavy-Duty Mezzanine Storage Kits

heavy duty mezzanine storage kit

In business, there’s nothing greater than growth. But if you’re running out of room to move, there is an affordable and flexible, yet permanent and robust, solution. Improve your layout, optimise your storage capacity and streamline your operations by making the most of your unused vertical space with mezzanine floors.

In this complete guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about heavy-duty mezzanine storage kits by Advanced Warehouse Structures so that you can be sure this space-saving investment is the right solution for your industrial or commercial business.

What are Heavy-Duty Mezzanine Storage Kits?

Heavy-duty mezzanine storage kits by Advanced Warehouse Structures are a free-standing platform that can be installed in any industrial building, factory or warehouse space. Designed to withstand heavy-duty use, they are offered alongside our light and medium-duty mezzanine kits to increase the efficiency of your operations by maximising vertical space.

Creating another level in heavy commercial, industrial and manufacturing settings is a cost-effective and flexible way to create extra storage, office or production space without changing business premises or finding a new location.

Fabricated with local steel right here in Australia, our heavy-duty mezzanine floor kit can be safely used for industrial applications, warehouses, manufacturing spaces or e-commerce businesses to increase their offices, storage area, sorting capacity or order fulfilment efficiency.

sorting heavy boxes for storage

Why Choose a Heavy-Duty Storage Solution by AWS?

Advanced Warehouse Structures designs heavy-duty mezzanine floor storage kits to accommodate the specific weight requirements of your business. They can support up to and over 1000 kg per square metre. This load capacity can be expanded up to 4 tons per square metre for custom designs.

Custom mezzanines allow us to work within the parameters of your workshop or warehouse space to accommodate different heights for bulky equipment or existing storage areas, creating a solution that suits your premises’ footprint.

Extra storage and enhanced efficiency

Taking the time to understand your load capacity requirements before installation allows us to design your mezzanine storage kit for specific purposes so that it’s tailored to your industry needs. Our heavy-duty kits come with pallet racking systems on the floor for ease of use with forklifts. However, establishing heavy-duty commercial storage goes beyond creating more space. It’s also an opportunity to enhance economic efficiency with ergonomic design and smart space strategies.

Whether you require shelving for rotational systems or mobile racking for a flexible configuration, our mezzanine storage kits can play a pivotal role as your business needs evolve. Our organisational add-ons offer businesses cost savings by maximising efficiency and storage capacity. For example, e-commerce businesses may require goods in and out systems with conveyors for maximum speed and to reduce manual handling. An automotive parts business may require flexible yet robust systems such as adjustable racking to accommodate a vast inventory spectrum. In either case, AWS offers flexible components to suit your business needs.

transporting heavy boxes

Benefits of Installing AWS Mezzanine Kits

From materials of the highest quality and short lead times to flexible installation options and organisational add-ons for ease of access, AWS’s heavy-duty mezzanines come with a whole list of benefits.

  • Maximise floor space

Mezzanine floor kits allow you to make the most of vertical space in your warehouse by freeing up floor space and creating new areas for working so you can take your business to the next level.

  • Fabricated for long-term durability

We make our mezzanine storage kits in our warehouse using local steel and materials of the highest quality so they can withstand heavy-duty use over a long time. This makes them a safe and permanent solution for any business.

  • Flexible assembly and installation with DIY construction

Your own team can install our heavy-duty mezzanine storage kits, allowing your business to enjoy cost savings and flexibility.

  • AWS understands that time is money

AWS can customise and fabricate your mezzanine storage kit quickly, with short lead times, which is a critical component of our customer service charter.

  • Flexible yet permanent storage solution
Our mezzanine storage kits stand independently without requiring attachment to walls or floors. We design them as safe, permanent solutions for your warehouse or industrial site. If necessary, you can quickly disassemble and move them when you relocate, or your business needs change.
  • Features and options to suit your operation
We design our mezzanine storage kits to your required measurements and configurations to maximise productivity. Whether you want your mezzanine with extra pallet racking systems for storage space, an extra storey, fitted with storage bins or adjustable shelves, an open-plan office space, specialised handrails or customised stairs, we can accommodate your business needs.
  • We take safety standards seriously

Our team of engineers designs our heavy-duty mezzanine storage kits to adhere to Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia. Therefore, you can rest assured your staff and equipment are safe and secure.

transporting heavy bags to mezzanine storage kits

Durability and Clever Design with AWS

If you are looking to elevate your business with an increased storage capacity, boosted productivity and a more efficient way of working, choose a heavy-duty mezzanine storage kit by AWS. Offering durability, flexibility and safety, our mezzanine kits are of the highest quality to reliably handle your heavy-duty requirements.

With operations in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and Victoria, smart storage solutions by Advanced Warehouse Solutions are just a phone call away. Contact us today on 1300 955 825 to learn more about a custom-designed mezzanine storage kit for your business.