Bringing Capacity, Safety & Access to Your Storage Facility

mezzanine floors in warehouse

Warehouses are commercial buildings with a large capacity to cover the storage needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Warehouse storage units are an essential element for the success and function of any business, and without an adequate storage solution – mistakes, loss of stock, safety missteps and damages are likely. Planning your warehouse storage space is no easy feat as it must account for everything your business needs. Your warehouse must have a large enough floor area for your business to grow, adequate solutions for your specific requirements, plus a clear system to allow simple, secure and safe use.

There are very few successful businesses that can operate without proper storage and company warehouses are one of the best ways to achieve this. As warehouses often have sizeable floor space, it can feel overwhelming to plan your warehouse space to have easy access and an easy to understand storage system. This is where AWS comes in.

With proper warehouse storage, you no longer have to stress about running out of space, not being able to reach stock to keep a positive workflow or risk putting staff in danger. No matter what kind of materials you’re storing, it’s important to have a clear process so everything is stored correctly. This will protect your range of goods while having a contingency plan so that you never run out of room. Being busy is a good thing, but without adequate storage solutions, it can feel stressful and overwhelming. Give your business room to grow with Advanced Warehouse Structures.

Our range of products and warehouse services can provide your business with a system so that you can keep things running smoothly during even the busiest periods. We design and construct our products with businesses just like yours in mind, to provide solutions that stand the test of time, holding up in strength, diversity of use, function and quality.

We Have Your Storage Solutions

The materials commonly stored in warehouses include raw materials, packing materials, spare parts and boxes of retail stock, all of which cost a lot of money to purchase and potentially even more to replace. Not to mention the strain that damage, overordering or stock loss would place on your staff, customers and workflow.

Our storage solutions for the warehouse and our pallet racking units will meet the specific requirements of your business. Within our range, we will have the capacity, pricing and solutions to make your warehouse site much more comfortable, functional and safe. No longer will stock be hidden or hard to reach when you need it most. Your staff will feel cared for and comfortable without the need to strain their bodies or spend hours searching for what they need. Our warehouse solutions are easy to move and relocate, making them the perfect option for landlords and renters alike.

Our warehouse systems will complement your space perfectly, with mezzanine stairs for easy access, special fabrication to suit your unique specifications, raised storage areas to double your space, and up and over pallet safety gates to allow for safe and controlled storage solutions.

The Benefits of Using AWS Storage Solutions

With over 125 years of collective experience under our belts, we have never seen a warehouse or business that we couldn’t provide storage systems or space-saving solutions for. Our specialists, who are experts in creating raised storage areas Australia wide, can help you to avoid workplace injury, give your business room to grow, and improve your daily workflow with storage systems that just make sense.

There are many different types of storage systems on the market, and selecting the best for your space can seem like an insurmountable task. You may be tempted to simply relocate to a bigger space. With our experienced team, you won’t have to – by adding up to 50% more storage and space through the beauty of raised storage areas.

Mezzanine flooring is perfect for a range of uses from pallet racking for simple storage of boxes and materials, to heavy-duty storage for construction equipment, or even as new offices to equip your growing team.

Pallet racking is essential for many businesses to keep stock and materials stored in an orderly fashion and refers to the stacking of pallets to store goods in horizontal rows with multiple levels. Using pallets to store your goods creates a simple system, ensuring stock doesn’t get lost and staff are kept safe.

Whatever your business needs, we can tailor your pallet racking or mezzanine system to suit your products and materials perfectly. Our project management system ensures that you’ll receive the best tailor-made and custom measured systems for your warehouse, on time and ready to install, so you can store your goods right when you need to.

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