10 Common Warehouse Hazards + How to Prevent Them

A lot is happening in a warehouse, and any hazard could compromise occupational safety. Warehouse accidents can lead to serious injury, increase downtime, and in cases of negligence, even lawsuits against you. While productivity and efficiency are vital to any successful business, they should never come at the expense of safety.

Let’s look at 10 of the most common warehouse hazards you’re likely to come across and discuss the best safety tips to help avoid these issues.

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empty large warehouse

Warehouse Improvement Ideas: 3 Tips to Increase Productivity

Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep up with the demands of your warehouse operations?

Whether you’re dealing with inefficient processes, a lack of storage space, or a shortage of skilled workers, running a warehouse can be a challenging job.

But fear not — there are plenty of warehouse improvement ideas and tips that can help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve your bottom line.

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Mezzanine wooden floor

Why Timber is the Best Mezzanine Floor Material for Your Warehouse

A mezzanine can be an invaluable addition to any business or warehouse building, using the space between floors and ceilings to create storage, retail or office space.

Once you’ve decided to build a mezzanine floor, you’ll soon discover a variety of materials out there to fit your design. A mezzanine floor can be made from a variety of materials including timber, metal, concrete, stone, and tile, so which is the best for you? Here, we’re looking at timber and why it’s the best material for your mezzanine flooring.

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shelving storage in a warehouse

10 Simple Ways to Solve Your Warehouse Space Problems

Having space issues with your warehouse? You’re not alone. It’s one of the most common warehouse-management problems and can be a challenge for suppliers and distributors, large and small. Luckily, there are strategies and steps you can take towards solving your warehouse space issues.

Quality warehouse space management doesn’t just make the place look nicer. It plays a vital role in improving the productivity, accessibility, efficiency and safety of your business.

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mezzanine floors in warehouse

Bringing Capacity, Safety & Access to Your Storage Facility

Warehouses are commercial buildings with a large capacity to cover the storage needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Warehouse storage units are an essential element for the success and function of any business, and without an adequate storage solution – mistakes, loss of stock, safety missteps and damages are likely. Planning your warehouse storage space is no easy feat as it must account for everything your business needs. Your warehouse must have a large enough floor area for your business to grow, adequate solutions for your specific requirements, plus a clear system to allow simple, secure and safe use.

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When Should You Replace Your Warehouse Storage Systems

Warehouse storage systems are at the core of most businesses that deal with goods. An up to date storage system affects productivity, cost efficiency and the safety of your workers, which is why ensuring that it is functioning effectively is important to the bottom line of your business. It can be difficult, however, to decide when it might be time to replace your existing warehouse storage systems, so here are a few tips on when you should start thinking about doing so:

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